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CrimApollo is an online application that allows you to set job attributes (does the position involve working with minors, operating a motor vehicle, etc) and choose the nature of the offense(s) of an applicant (was the offense violent, theft, etc). CrimApollo then provides an instant indicator of job-relatedness and business necessity, and leads you through the EEOC "Individualized assessment." The process takes around 4 minutes, is done online and allows consistency of evaluation while documenting the process for every assessment in a stored .pdf. This subscription service comes with a complete Employer Criminal Record Usage Policy and Procedure document tailored to the service.

CrimApollo is a subscription service. The pricing is tiered based on volume (the number of criminal records you receive that contain offenses). The service allows you to evaluate each individual who has prior offenses, not just "serious" offenses or offenses for one job category in your company.

Yearly Subscription
  • Buy a year's subscription, get one month free. Annual subscriptions range from $850 to $5000 depending on your company's volume. Contact us for a quote
  • Yearly subscription includes a Company Policy and Procedure (a $249 value) that documents and coordinates with the CrimApollo process.

Monthly Subscriptions Available

Standalone Criminal Record Policy and Procedure
While prior to CrimApollo, there was confusion about how criminal records should be legally evaluated, there was agreement that employers should have a Policy and Procedure. The CrimApollo Company Policy and Procedure Template was developed with veteran employment law attorneys. The Policy and Procedure is tailored to work with the CrimApollo online program but may be used as a template by all employers who obtain, evaluate and assess criminal records. $249 Contact us for a quote

Employer Benefits

  • Real time, empirical, case-by-case guidance for criminal hits
  • Documentation of Individualized Assessment
  • Policy and procedure documents that coordinate with the program
  • Ensured company consistency across hiring offices, criminal record evaluators, job positions

Features of CrimApollo

  • On-line, real-time, web assessment
  • Step-by-step evaluation
  • Short, intuitive interface. Minimal data entry
  • Robust framework for jobs/differing locations/employee permissions/security
  • Policy and Procedure Documentation tailored for the program
  • Fully customizable if needed for outlier jobs, sensitivities, offenses

Employment Screening Firms (CRAs) Product

The founder of CrimApollo spent close to 20 years in various positions with a CRA, from 1984 till 2003. Leadership roles in policy, product and business development, compliance and communications (never accounting) shaped the CrimApollo CRA philosophic principles. The business of a good CRA is not to gather and dump data on employer clients for as cheap as possible. The business of a good CRA is to provide compliant, client value through best practices and innovative solutions.

CrimApollo will assist your employers with EEOC compliance, best practices and guidance while promoting fair practices for job applicants.

CRA Benefits
  • Provide an additional product to your clients that help them with the EEOC
  • Private brand the product with your company name/logo colors or simply refer them to our site and still share in the revenue.
  • Earn revenue with no (or extremely minimal) expense.
  • Ensure your clients are not afraid to continue ordering criminal records.
  • Offering the CrimApollo service with your current criminal record service moves you from being a "criminal records provider commodity" to a value-added partner with stronger client ties